40th Meeting of the Danish Society for Flow Cytometry.

September 20, 2007, 13:20–16:15, Room 7+8, Odense Congress Center, Odense.

Workshop on Quality Assurance for Flow Cytometry under the auspicies of DEKS
Program, see DEKS Brugermøde 2007 (Workshop II: Kvalitetssikring af flowcytometri).
Organizer: Hans Jürgen Hoffmann. Chair: Tom Just.

Register by mail to Hans Jürgen Hoffmann before 13 september 2007, with indication whether you join us for lunch (buffet is arranged by DEKS in Sal Jylland at 12:15-13:15). Participation in the workshop, including lunch, is free for members of DSFCM. Registration fee for other participants to be announced by DEKS.

21 Sept 2007 /JKL