New board

The bylaws of the society dictates that we change the board every year, and people can only sit for 6 years, to make sure we have turnover of fresh blood and ideas in the society. The recent general assembly elected a new board, and we welcome them all.

One thing is a new board, which is important for running the society, but members are equally important. Thus if you know of people that you think might benefit from joining the society, please refer them to our new web site, and tell them about the value of being a member.

30 year anniversary meeting in the society

The society was founded on May 5th 1988, thus it is 30 years, and still going strong, since DSFCM was started in Denmark. We are celebrating this after the meeting in Copenhagen November 1st 11.00-19.00. Look under events to see the program for the meeting, you are in for a treat, also for the mouth, since we have a light buffet after the meeting to celebrate our anniversary. Put the date in your calendar.