The meeting has been canceled and the general assembly postponed

The next meeting in the society will be 4/5-2020, 10.00-16.00 at SDU in Odense. The program is now ready for the meeting, see below. Remember you need to sign up for the meeting so we can get lunch and coffee for you. Sign up for the meeting.

Program and map of the venue


10.00-10.15     Arrival

10.15-10.20     Welcome

10.20-11.05     Keynote speaker Jaroslav Dolezel, Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Republic, “Flow cytogenetics: the exotic way of genome sequencing, gene cloning and uncovering chromosome ultrastructure”.

11.10-11.40     Cristina Gamba, Samplix “Exotic Droplets, which helps bringing the Dark Genome to light”.

11.45-12.45     Lunch and exhibition

12.45-13.15     Torben Nybo, VikingGenetics, “Flow Cytometry in cattle semen production, from analyses to sexsorting”

13.20-13.40     Tina Temkiv “Sea-spray experiments coupled with flow cytometry reveal preferential emissions of microorganisms from aqueous environments into the atmosphere”

13.45-14.20     Break with Coffee and exhibition

14.20-14.40     Kasper Urup Kjeldsen “Fluorescence-activated cell sorting for studying microbial dark matter”

14.40-15.00     Frederik Thomsen “Implementation of Flow Cytometry in Dairy Science as an Alternative to Traditional CFU Quantification”

15.00-16.00     General assembly