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University of Copenhagen
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Secretary Jan Pravsgaard Christensen

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Office: +45 35327873


  • The purpose of DSFCM is to unite the Danish researchers who are particularly interested in flow cytometry, to facilitate the communication, stimulate the research, and promote the exchange of ideas and results amongst members.
  • Danish researchers as well as others with interest in flow cytometry can join DSFCM. Corporate members do not have voting rights.
  • The Danish Society for Flow Cytometry (DSFCM) was founded in 1988. The first general assembly took place at the County Hospital of Aarhus on May 5, 1988, by the initiative of Jørgen Ellegaard, Peter Hokland, Jørgen Schøler Kristensen, and Jørgen K. Larsen. The original homepage was launched at the 18th meeting on May 25, 1998.
  • DSFCM has approx. 100 ordinary members and 18 corporate members.
  • DSFCM is associated to the Organization of Danish Medical Societies and the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), and is collaborating closely with other scientific societies in related fields of interest.