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The preliminary program and registration for the meeting is now ready.

The theme for the meeting is “Panel Design and Gating”, where we have invited people to come and share their knowledge in this field.

We also invite students/postdoc to make short presentations where they can talk about their challenge/success with making larger panel, a panel of people will be present in case your need feedback on you panel design. If you are interested in making a short 15 min presentation on this topic, please write an email to Charlotte Christie Petersen at with your name, affiliation, expected time (10 or 15 minutes), and a title of your presentation. Deadline for signup to present is October 9th . If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meeting is: November 9th 2023, kl 13:00-18:00, Eduard Biermann auditorium (1252-204), University of Aarhus, “Søauditorierne”,
Bartholins Allé 3. DK-8000 Aarhus C
Registration deadline October 25th 2023



This is a very good practical course that may interes some of you.

Flow Cytometry Course 2023

This Flow Cytometry Course is aimed at both clinical applications and applications in cell biology and is open to all and is suitable for those who are relatively new to flow cytometry and who wish to expand their experience with applications and specific analysis.

Cytek has arranged a meeting at Panum Institute about “Best practices in imaging & full spectrum cytometry”, May 10th at 9.00-16.00.

The full program and link to sign up for the event is here:

Any questions about the meeting should be addressed to Cytek, Thomas Franzen – tfranzen at or Mikael Mikko – mmikko at

The annual meeting in the society will be May 3rd in Copenhagen. We start with General assembly and then proceed to the program with the theme “Functional Flow Cytometry Assays”. The evening ends with a light dinners for members of the society. If you are interested in becoming a member click here.

Program and registration is now open. Last change for registration is 19th April 2023.

Map of the venue, it is in 13A the auditorium is located.

Sony has organized a Spectral flow cytometry user meeting in Copenhagen, DGI byen on the 19th April at 10.

If you are interested, you can read more about the meeting and register here

We have an open PhD student position especially attractive to non-German students at the DRFZ in Berlin starting in summer 2023, and I would be grateful if you could forward  this announcement to potential candidates and circulate this in your networks. The project is to study imprints of mucosal immune reactions on blood leukocytes in different groups of autoimmune patients, with the aim to explore the utility of mucosal immune signatures for precision medicine, and to understand microbiota-immune system interactions implicated in chronic inflammation vs tolerance.

The position is funded for 3 years by the EU, through a Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Network, and embedded in a range of related projects in the EU.

Further information on the network and the application process are provided in this links For project-specific questions, please reach out to Henrik Mei and Hyun-Dong Chang (,


The Autumn meeting in DSFCM will be November 3rd at Moesgård Museum We offer a short guided tour on the museum before we start the meeting. The program will be about spectral flow cytometry, we have invited several speakers to cover the subject, so save the date.

Please find program and link for signing up at the meeting.

Link for participation:

Deadline for participating is October 25 2022.

Miltenyi Biotec has an availably position as Technical Sales Consultant in the Copenhagen area.

If you are interested you can read more about it.

Sony Biotechnology is looking for both a Field Service Engineer and a Sales Account Sales Manager, you can read the calls by choosing the position.

Sony Biotechnology Europe is looking for a field application scientist in case you or some of your students may be interested.

If interested take a look at the job description.

We will repeat the success with a Nordic Flow Cytometry Meeting, this time in Oslo.

The meeting will be in Oslo, Norway, 10-11 February 2022. The program will consist of a basic course in flow cytometry for the PhD students (you can get ECTS credit for it) and continue with a list of very skilled people in flow cytometry. See the tentative program.

The Nordic Meeting 2022 will be held on Thursday to Friday, February 10th and 11th.

The basic flow cytometry course will be held on Wednesday 9th of February.

Place; Oslo, X meeting point, Kragerudveien 50, 2013 Skjetten, Norway.

Participants that have registered and paid for the Nordic meeting 2020/21, will still be registered as attendees for the Nordic meeting 2022 (the payment covers the 2022 meeting).

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 66th meeting of the Danish society for flow cytometry.

The theme for this meeting will be “Challenges in Flow Cytometry“.
Keynote speaker is Andrew Filby, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, UK.

At this meeting we encourage students and researchers to share problems, challenges and troubleshooting related to flow cytometry and imaging flow cytometry. When signing up, choose if you would like to give an oral presentation or present a poster. We anticipate the oral presentation to be 15min each

Students giving an oral presentation at this meeting, will receive a one-year free membership of the Danish Society for Flow Cytometry.

The program can be found here, remember that you need to sign up for the meeting so we can buy coffee, dinner etc, registration up at

The evening program (from 18:00-20:00) is only for members of the society – If you are not a member yet, it only takes a few minutes to become one to attend the social event:

CYTO will this year be a June 7-10, 2021 in an interactive setting.

CYTO Virtual Interactive will be a meeting unlike any other we have produced! Developed with sessions scheduled for global accessibility across different time zones, this year’s meeting will focus on connecting and interacting online, building our community internationally, and, as always, showcasing the most cutting-edge science and cytometry technology.

Read more above the meeting

Registration for the meeting.

We continue to have our meetings online. We have now prepared “Exotic Flow Cytometry Vol 2”.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 65th meeting in DSFCM. The topic for this meeting will be “Exotic Flow Cytometry”, followed by general assembly.

You can see the full program here.

13.00-13.10      Welcome

13.10-13.55       Jaroslav Dolezel, Prof., Institute of Experimental Botany; Olomouc; Czech Republic. “Flow cytogenetics: the exotic way of genome sequencing, gene cloning and uncovering chromosome ultrastructure” See presentation

13.55-14.05       Break

14.05-14.25       Tina Santl-Temkiv, Asst.Prof. Department of Biology, Aarhus. “Sea-spray experiments coupled with flow cytometry reveal preferential emissions of microorganisms from aqueous environments into the atmosphere”

14.30-14.50       Kasper Urup Kjeldsen, Assoc.Prof, Department of Biology, Aarhus “Fluorescence-activated cell sorting for studying microbial dark matter”

See short presentation

14.50-15.00       Break

15.00-16.00       General assembly

So many new fluorophores have emerged and we are still using the same dyes we are used to…… Many of the new dyes are brighter than the commonly used and have a narrow emission spectra.

To inform and inspire you, we have invited 6 companies to give a short introduction/presentation of their new and exciting dyes.

Friday 29th of January 12:00-13:15.


Taking the current situation in Denmark we have a decided to hold our next meeting as a web meeting.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 64th meeting in DSFCM. The topic for this meeting will be “Exotic Flow Cytometry and SARS-CoV-2 in flow cytometry laboratories”.

You can see the full program here.

13.00-13.10        Welcome

13.10-13.40        Samplix “Double-emulsion droplet sorting: Strategies and applications for multiomic profiling”, see the presentation.

13.45-14.15        VikingGenetics “Through the years from sperm sorting, to sex-sorting and QC”, see the presentation.

14.20-14.50        How are we dealing with Corona in flow cytometry laboratories – a short introduction by Jan Pravsgaard followed by a discussion, see the presentation.

14.50-15.00        Break

15.00-16.00        General assembly


New dates for the meeting is 9-11 February 2022

The Nordic Flow Cytometry Meeting 2020 is now open for registration.

The meeting will be in Oslo, Norway, 26-28 August 2020. The program will consist of a basic course in flow cytometry for the PhD students (you can get ECTS credit for it) and continue with a list of very skilled people in flow cytometry.

Registration is now open and all relevant link can be found here

Corona-virus update:

  • We hope to go ahead with the meeting as planned in August 2020, but if needed we will postpone the meeting until 2021. This decision will be made in May 2020.
  • The current participation fee will cover your attendance at the postponed meeting, so no need to await registration.
  • Full refunds will be issued if registered participants cannot attend the postponed meeting!

If we cancel/postpone the venue within May 28th we do not have to pay anything. We’ll wait and see how the national guidelines are in the middle of May and make a decision.

Please redistribute to any worried potential participants afraid to register.

The meeting has been canceled and the general assembly postponed

The next meeting in the society will be 4/5-2020, 10.00-16.00 at SDU in Odense. The program is now ready for the meeting, see below. Remember you need to sign up for the meeting so we can get lunch and coffee for you. Sign up for the meeting.

Program and map of the venue


10.00-10.15     Arrival

10.15-10.20     Welcome

10.20-11.05     Keynote speaker Jaroslav Dolezel, Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Republic, “Flow cytogenetics: the exotic way of genome sequencing, gene cloning and uncovering chromosome ultrastructure”.

11.10-11.40     Cristina Gamba, Samplix “Exotic Droplets, which helps bringing the Dark Genome to light”.

11.45-12.45     Lunch and exhibition

12.45-13.15     Torben Nybo, VikingGenetics, “Flow Cytometry in cattle semen production, from analyses to sexsorting”

13.20-13.40     Tina Temkiv “Sea-spray experiments coupled with flow cytometry reveal preferential emissions of microorganisms from aqueous environments into the atmosphere”

13.45-14.20     Break with Coffee and exhibition

14.20-14.40     Kasper Urup Kjeldsen “Fluorescence-activated cell sorting for studying microbial dark matter”

14.40-15.00     Frederik Thomsen “Implementation of Flow Cytometry in Dairy Science as an Alternative to Traditional CFU Quantification”

15.00-16.00     General assembly

Miltenyi Biotec has two positions that might be interesting if you have a flow background. See the information below.

Flow Cytometry Application Specialist Miltenyi Biotec Nordics South:
“Do you want to be the expert and help others within flow cytometry and flow sorting? Miltenyi Biotec is making a difference for fellow scientists, and now you have the chance to join our great Nordic team. Apply now and Join us!”

Account Manager Miltenyi Biotec Nordics; Biotech and Pharma
“Want to help us make cancer history? Do you want to join a team to develop and help others within life science? Take the chance to join Miltenyi Biotec and make a difference in Science. Apply now!”

The next meeting will be November 12th at Skejby Hospital.

The program for the 62nd meeting of DSFCM is now ready. The meeting will be held at
Aarhus University Hospital, Aud G,
Entrance G,
November 12th 2019

Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99
8200 Aarhus N

Map of venue:

The theme of the upcoming meeting is “Flow Cytometry in Clinical Research”.

  • Hans Jürgen Hoffman, “The basophil activation test in diagnosis and monitoring of allergy”
  • Marianne Agerlund, “A 15-color panel for phenotypic characterization of leukemic stem cells in children with acute myeloid leukemia”
  • Mikkel Steen Petersen, “The Swiss-army knife of the Clinical Immunology lab”
  • Morten Hansen, “Immune profiling of blood in clinical cancer immunotherapy”

Program and registration. Abstract for the presentations.

Please not, you need to sign up for the meeting so we can order coffee and lunch.